In 2010 when I was in this beautiful space of love: I questioned every intention and act in the filter of love and non-love. As we were gardening one day, I felt immense love for all the plants, weeds included. So, obviously I let them be. After returning from a short trip out of town, I realised that the weeds had gone wild / had taken over the garden. Having had an insight about the same while away, I pulled out each of them saying, “I am sorry that you have to be removed, I pray that you return in a higher form, in a place where you receive love and nurturing in your next life.” Here I understood that the act was rooted in an ‘intention of love’.
Note: Differentiate between act and intention.

This time (Aug 2016) when I returned from Bhutan the same thing had happened to the terrace garden. The weeds had completely taken over. For those of you who were present on the day of planting the seeds remember all the effort that went into it. Yet, there we were Mom, Pradosh, Sasha and I weeding out the spread on all three soil-beds; some weeds had spread deeper and wider than the others. Only one plant survived.

What does weeding have to do with Enlightenment?
It is common perception or belief that Enlightenment does not include the light and dark. It does not include pain or trial. That IT is beyond.

Enlightenment is that state which encompasses ALL THAT IS. This includes the dark as much as the light. Enlightenment is not about “not having any pain” but about dealing with it most consciously. Like we did while weeding out the wild ones in 2010. I can tell you that,
like the ones in the terrace-soil-beds some tendencies, fears etc are far more deep rooted than others; it could take life-times of work to uproot it fully. So when we speak of healing ourselves what does it entail? It means to recognise where the pain/root cause of the tendency lies; look at it rather than deny it. Denying the pain is like letting the weeds be, they are bound to take over and make themselves known at some point in the future if not lovingly uprooted. You heal by dealing with the ‘dark’ with more consciousness, love and gentleness.

Layers of consciousness:

The conscious mind, as most have been taught in school a tip of the ice-berg. On this spiritual journey we work towards becoming aware of and in all states. While we work on going in both directions deep into ourselves and high above simultaneously, what we do is first realise the facts fully. This is where the “ACT OF WEEDING” comes in. We nurture ‘the good’ and must with certainty weed out ‘the bad’. Good and Bad is about what is aligned to a goal as stated several times before. It’s about appropriation. For someone working on the path to Self-realisation, all intentions, thoughts, words and actions that are aligned to it would be good.

The shadow doesn’t cease to exist. It’ll be there as long as there is light. You just learn to accept it for what it is rather than allowing it to be a trigger.

The journey of bringing awareness to all states is step one, to cleanse it is step two. Once this is done we come to the next level…

Family Consciousness:
The same layers exist for each of your birth family members in addition to the chords that connect one to the other over lifetimes. All the insights one gains on cleansing the self come in handy while dealing with family consciousness cleansing. This requires you to be even more conscious, loving and gentle with the process. This again can take lifetimes, it doesn’t need to but can and that is okay too, it is an intense mission. Which brings us to the next one…

Community Consciousness:
The country, community, and society we are born in, are chosen by us before birth. We as anchors of divinity can radiate the same healing awareness into the community. Your strength to stay focused is key.

World Consciousness:
After lifetimes of cleansing all levels mentioned earlier, a soul feels ready to take the same learning to all. By being a greater, more aware anchor of light, one radiates so bright that the magnetism of that energy becomes a catalyst for great transformation. That is what all Saints time and time again come to do. Each time, the family, community and world being at different stages of evolution the progressions have to be repeated.

This is how weeding works, one has to keep at it. Every day there is a new “wild-pollen” coming and planting itself in the soil of the world (a new soul with it’s karma is born), the process has to be continued with great faith, love and awareness lifetime after lifetime.

Additional thoughts:
Each of the levels mentioned above are highly demanding; every single one of them because a soul takes up what it’s is capable of dealing with. For a 5 year old to spell ‘eventually’ is a task, but the child can do so eventually. ūüôā So the next time you think of passing a “Judgemental comment” about anyone else, take a deep breath. Honour each ones place, ability and purpose. To nudge a soul to take a leap is only allowed by the law of the Universe to those who can be the wind under the wings.

The gardner falls so much in love with his flowers that he keeps coming back to nurture the plants and uproot the weeds.
So it is.


An Explosion Of Love

This is the sort of love that cannot be contained,
or for future keeps beautified and framed.
It is here to explode, to set free,
the hearts bound by the mind so we can resume to be
THE DIVINE SELF; infinite love eternally.

Lessons from a Rose: Be

The Rose and I sat in silence, just being present.
Breathing In……..and out…….In…….and out…
….In……and………. out………..In….into the Source.

Form to formless the Rose is now everywhere, One with everything.


For those of you who may not know yet, our Rose-friends love the SUN. While most of us look for opportunities to¬†stay indoors, they are really going for it; ‘making roses while the Sun shines’. Hahaa ūüėÄ To watch them be in-tune with the Sun and Moon is a reminder; a reminder to be in¬†HARMONY with the Universe at large.

Last time¬†I¬†watched¬†the Rose¬†unfold “Each petal unfolding ever so slowly with extreme faith in it‚Äôs own BEing”. As days past, it continued¬†on it’s natural path of progression. We celebrated it’s¬†being! One morning,¬†I was really in the ‘present’ enjoying the tiny specks of white jasmine sitting in the balcony, when suddenly the rose said, “Regardless of having¬†bills to pay or stomachs to feed, the¬†important job is of ‘BEING ME’.” (The Rose was referring to the challenges in the last post and the thoughts emerging thereof.¬†https://shikishinfuni.wordpress.com/2015/04/18/lessons-from-a-rose-hyper-busy-to-calm-n-easy/)¬†SO it continued, “You know when you wait at a traffic light¬†you have the option to either get frustrated or not. The choice you make is what makes you YOU. The same way when you are talking to a colleague¬†or a rickshaw driver, working on your presentation or cleaning your closet. It doesn’t really matter what you have to do but how you do it that defines you. The more present you are, the more able you are to be most creative, smart, joyful, successful etc etc.”

I tuned in more to our conversation. The steps in the challenge last week were actually training¬†us be more present to “who we are??! To find out what we are here to do?” It is true that in silence we find ourselves but before we can be silent we need to slow down and hence the challenge was to take a mental break…..Multiple thought fractals started emerging. The mind being supreme at connecting a zillion dots even when not needed but just because it can had to be brought back to the subtle, extremely subtle vibrations of the gentle rose. The Rose asked, “When you were being in the ‘NOW’¬†what did you see?” A nice deep breath. I allowed the thoughts to settle and clarity to emerge.

I figured our days are divided (well for most people at least) into what we have to do and what we want to do. The Rose was trying to bring my notice to not what we do but how it is done. That is what makes the difference. When we are ‘present’ we are meeting our fullest potential. Living our¬†life purpose¬†doesn’t mandate¬†having to quit current jobs or relocate from one continent to another.¬†ūüôā If we are to take a challenge this week, it would be:

“Do the very same things we have to and want to with greater awareness; with each thought and action being imbued with¬†uniqueness. This is in no way seeking perfection mind you but¬†experiencing¬†it in the present moment.”
Action Step:¬†Pick a state of being –¬†Clarity, Joy, Success or such, try working with the energy of that state in everything you think, say and do. Once again make notes every night to track daily progress.

The Rose and I sat in silence for a while. The new bud was unfolding. Both were¬†being themselves.¬†Then it said in a matter-of-fact way,¬†“BEing me is what I do.”

How about you? How do you imbue your coding, cooking, driving, baking, singing, caring¬†with the ice-crystal uniqueness which is YOU?? ūüôā

A bright¬†pink rose plant was brought home a while back. The first bud was seen¬†last week and we hoped to have it blossom soon. Each morning that Leo and I¬†returned from our¬†walk and play with the doggies outside we would go to the¬†plants in anticipation of watching a beautiful bright pink welcome us. Days past by and we sat singing and communicating with our friends from the plant kingdom.¬†Their presence is pure joy! It takes practice to tune into their music. ūüôā

It was on the 16th of April that the bud blossomed. A little at a time. Each petal unfolding ever so slowly with extreme faith in it’s own BEing. It was so inspiring to¬†be witness. In this world where we surf¬†the multiple tabs open in our browsers, have the option of scrubbing through films to skip parts we don’t want to watch, preferring movies on laptops just cause we have no patience for breaks, unable to wait for a friend running late we instantly pull out¬†our phones to keep us occupied, perhaps¬†make those urgent calls or check what the latest updates on social media¬†are;¬†keeping ourselves hyper-busy physically or mentally, most have forgotten what it is like to wait; to just wait and watch.

We often meet people who are unable to sit even for a few minutes without looking at their phones. Their fingers twitch. The bodily withdrawal from lack of activity becomes visible. In this world of instant gratification, patience has become a rare virtue and what about faith one may ask.¬†You do not need to fly to the Himalayas to be¬†at peace. A true vacation is when the mind and body feel rested and¬†energized. Our energies are constantly pouring outward, towards the future, or past, or in multiple directions all at once and so we find ourselves exhausted.¬† Here is a challenge for those of you who may wish to take it up.¬†Often people go on holidays and carry their mental baggage with them taking short breaks to unwind. What if you could just for a week open a mental storage space and leave all the baggage there, trusting that you could choose to return to it at the end of the week if you still wanted to claim it. Now wouldn’t that be nice!?

Try to spend a week with minimum outward interaction. Speak when needed. Reduce mental chatter and clutter, i.e.¬†keep your mental activity limited to what is most necessary; be honest with yourself about ‘what is most necessary’. If you feel knowing what 50 friends have done in the past 2 hours is vital to your survival, think again.¬†Take a break and you can always choose to catch up with them post your ‘mental vacation’.¬†Take each¬†moment at a time ūüôā Examples: A person asks you a question, you answer –¬†Do not continue the conversation mentally after it’s done.¬†You need to pay an online bill, pay it and leave related chatter¬†for later. If you catch yourself moving into the past or future,¬†bring yourself to the present moment. An exercise you could use to be here and now is to feel your feet on the ground, feel the chair you are sitting in, bring your complete attention to an object in front of you and BREATHE to fullest capacity of your lungs. While having a meal¬†bring¬†your complete awareness¬†to the food. BE WITH THE FOOD, switch off your phones, television sets, i-pads, laptops etc.¬†See how your body responds to¬†mindful eating. ¬†ūüôā Those of you who may want to track your journey, make notes each night. Study your progress, see what you could improve on the next day. Once this is done prepare to get good rest by visualizing as if you are wiping¬†the slate of your mind clean. If a thought arises, wipe it off. You could keep doing this till you fall asleep. All Smiles ūüôā

If you do practice the steps above for a week with patience and diligence, you most probably will notice an immense rise in energy, clarity of thought and action, and a sense of calm which you have been hoping for.

“The Bud and the Blossom is me, I know this.” says the Rose.

[look up ‘singing plants’ youtube videos it’s such an expansive feeling :)]


Infinite Gratitude

To Eternal PRESENCE,
That IS; forever and ever

To Eternal LIGHT,
That is manifest and unmanifest

To Eternal LOVE,
that breaths all Creation into LIFE

To Eternal WISDOM,
that destroys all ignorance

who heal all pains

To all the Eternal MASTERS,
Who choose to come time n time again

of body n mind
‘Who’ for the world’s benefit choose to remain
— Physically Immortal!

Happy Guru Poornima ūüôŹ‚ú®‚ú®‚ú®

One Creation

In a distant galaxy
I see myself be
As we breathe
Breathe- Here on Gaia
One with Laya
In the sands of time
Paintings colored in rhyme
We evolve As One Creation

Come let’s take a galaxy ride
Right here inside
In the centre of our being
Is the train of light
Heading north, back home

knowing the self as infinity
We are moving inward
And upward and forward
Relearning to be love
To be peace here and now
Overcoming separation
We evolve As One Creation

Come let’s take a galaxy ride
Right here inside
In the centre of our being
Is the train of light
Heading north, back home

The language of light
Trusting our soul-insight
Our bodies levitate and fly
Higher than all highs
Beyond this blue dome
Infinite space is now home
We evolve As One Creation

Come let’s take a galaxy ride
Right here inside
In the centre of our being
Is the train of light
Heading north, back home

16th May 2014